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Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Economics

CUET Economics MCQ-Based Questions

CUET Economics is a big topic which is being added to the curriculum for those students that might be engaged in the sector. It is one of those subjects that is incredibly valuable and significant in daily life. Understanding how goods and services are produced and consumed is the main goal of learning this course. It also covers their distribution in the marketplaces. Along with the goods and services, the chapter also examines the market forces for them.

How to strengthen the economics subject in CUET

Because the curriculum is still relatively new, it will require some time before learners properly understand its concepts.

Consider NCERT textbooks like the Holy Book as they are in accordance with the curriculum and are mandated by CBSE. The full curriculum is used as the basis for the CBSE board examinations.

Definitions must be correctly interpreted along with the concept's logic and justification. Students must recite the definitions after fully comprehending them in order to correctly complete them on the exam and receive all possible points.

Economic theories are complemented by statistical, pictorial, and formulaic interpretations that make it simple for humans to comprehend the ideas.

Points to follow to become an expert in economics

1. Give thorough introductions to important subjects. Thoughts would be strengthened as a result from the start.

2. Try to explain difficult topics with the help of diagrams.

3. Also provide examples to clarify what you try to explain.

4. Provide step-by-step quantitative answers to the corresponding sums. This subject involves a lot of crucial real-world issues.

5. These will be thoroughly explained to students so that they can solve them without difficulty on test day.

6. Spend the time allocated between all the sections working on the issues that you had trouble with when you were practising.

7. Reread the issues you previously rated as difficult to understand.


Important MCQ Questions for CUET domain subjects-2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Economics

. In CUET, is economics challenging?

Although CUET economics is not very challenging, it is a good idea to review the NCERT Solutions because many new concepts are covered and are easily understandable.

. What is economics really about in CUET?

Ans. The CUET economics curriculum offers essential insights into the intricacies of significant ideas like privatisation, liberalisation, globalisation, sustainability, etc. Students can benefit from this clarification of key ideas in order to properly understand the principles of economics.

. What are the crucial economic concepts for CUET?

Consumer equilibrium; the meaning of utility and the definition of marginal utility; market structure; the method of demand and supply; demand and supply curve; the definition of and factors influencing elasticities are among the critical concepts for CUET economics that that candidate must thoroughly study.

. What relevance does Economics 11 have?

In CUET, it is vital to analyse the subject of economics in order to recognise how to maximise satisfaction while using minimal resources to encourage societal welfare.

. Name the basic units of economics.

Business, the home, and the government are the three fundamental economic units that carry out production, consumption, and exchanges in a market.