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Worksheet for class 5 EVS

NCERT Chapter Wise Worksheet for class 5 EVS - Free Printable PDF

Worksheet for class 5 EVS

The worksheet for class 5 EVS is prepared by experts and covers the entire syllabus of class 5 EVS. Today, all classes and all people should be concerned about the environment. We must be informed and act immediately to stop human activity from further depleting the planet's natural resources. These important lessons should be taught to students at a young age. It is made possible by including environmental education early on in the curriculum.

The chapter-by-chapter questions are included in these worksheets for class 5 EVS more fascinatingly and compellingly. The book's chapters introduce you to numerous environmental problems and problems. The EVS worksheet for class 5 should be used as a resource when studying for the exam. It will aid in understanding the chapters and give you a sense of the key questions. In other words, these Class 5 EVS Worksheets will aid your exam success.

Why should you prefer worksheets for class 5 EVS?

Our most knowledgeable and experienced topic specialists have created the worksheets for Class 5 EVS. These worksheets have been created to make it straightforward for pupils to understand concepts. These Class 5 EVS Worksheets have a sizable database of significant questions that are simple to download and use as test practice. Researchers and subject matter experts spent many hours reviewing worksheets before compiling them into a thorough and detailed format that the student may easily access. 

The themes included in the NCERT textbook for Class 5 are crucial and serve as a foundation for further courses. Decisions taken now have an impact later. Just picture attempting to understand the ideas from a dry section of text in the Class 5 EVS book! It can get fairly monotonous, which hurts learning and reduces effectiveness. To assist students in understanding the concept and putting it into practice, we have given worksheets for Class 5 EVS below.

What are the chapter covers in class 5 EVS?

Worksheet of class 5 EVS consists of all the chapters in the syllabus and consist of chapter wise worksheet which consist of different types of questions like MCQ based, fill in the blanks and match the following type questions. The chapters covered in the class 5 EVS are

Chapter 1 - The Super Senses

Chapter 2 - A Snake Charmer Story

Chapter 3 - From Tasting To Digesting

Chapter 4 - Mangoes Round The Year

Chapter 5 - Seeds And Seeds

Chapter 6 - Every Drop Counts

Chapter 7 - Experiments With Water

Chapter 8 - A Treat For Mosquitoes

Chapter 9 - Up You Go

Chapter 10 - Walls Tell Stories

Chapter 11 - Sunita In Space

Chapter 12 - What If It Finishes

Chapter 13 - A Shelter So High

Chapter 14 - When The Earth Shook

Chapter 15 - Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Chapter 16 - Who Will Do This Work

Chapter 17 - Across The Wall

Chapter 18 - No Place For Us

Chapter 19 - A Seed Tells A Farmer Story

Chapter 20 - Whose Forests

Chapter 21 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Chapter 22 - On The Move Again

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Chapter Wise Worksheet for class 5 EVS - Free Printable PDF

. How to download the worksheet for class 5 EVS?

To download the worksheet for class 5 EVS you need to click on the name of the chapter, and you will get the printable pdf of the worksheet which is available free to use.

. Why is learning EVS necessary for Class 5 students?

The subject focuses on environmental elements, associated concerns, and the natural and human-made surroundings. These ideas are thoroughly explained in the NCERT books for Class 5 EVS. Human-environment interactions are something that every student should learn about, so EVS instruction becomes required. Students can also learn more about how the environment works and how interactions between people affect it.

. Is the 'Looking Around' textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS available in Hindi?

Yes, the 'Looking Around' textbook is available in Hindi.