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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi - Latest CBSE Syllabus - 2022 - 23

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Hindi

Why Need NCERT Solution

NCERT Solutions are one of the best sources to rely on. To score well in any subject one must have a conceptual understanding of the chapters.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 contains solutions to the questions that are most likely to appear in the exam, ensuring that students score the highest possible grades. The questions of the NCERT Solution for Class 9 Hindi are based on the test pattern and follow the latest CBSE syllabus. HT experts prepared NCERT Solutions all the questions asked in the NCERT exercise are solved as per the CBSE school Requirements do check NCERT Solutions for class 9

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi

CBSE Class 9 NCERT Hindi Book List - Term I & II - 2022-23

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi - Download Free PDF Chapter wise

With the NCERT Class 9 Hindi book solution, the complexity of answering questions will decrease. Expert professors with years of expertise prepare NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi, so there is hardly any chance of mistakes

NCERT Solutions For Hindi Class 9 All Chapters

Four books are used to teach the entire Hindi syllabus to students in class 9. These are :

  • Class 9 Hindi Kritika
  • Class 9 Hindi Kshitij
  • Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan
  • Class 9 Hindi Sparsh

The descriptive answers in the Hindi NCERT Solutions Class 9 provide students with information about Indian culture and traditions. The solutions are written by the subject experts who have years of teaching experience. This assures that the solutions provided in NCERT Solution for Class 9 Hindi are of the highest quality. These high-quality and effective solutions can help students in getting the best possible results on their final exams.

Now let's take a quick glance at each book.

Chapters Covered In Class 9 NCERT Hindi Kritika

There are the following chapters in the Hindi Kritika book.

  • Chapter 1 - Is Jal Pralay Mein
  • Chapter 2 - Mere Sang Ki Auratein
  • Chapter 3 - Reedh Ki Haddi
  • Chapter 4 - Mati Wali
  • Chapter 5 - Kis Tarah Aakhirkar Mein Hindi Mein Aayaawhat 

Our home tuition is a website that offers students free NCERT solutions and other study tools and provides a free copy of the NCERT Hindi Kritika textbook for class 9. We also have a group of experts who are well-versed in each area. One can blindly trust our sources to score well in their exam

Chapters Covered In NCERT Hindi Class 9 Kshitij

The following chapters are covered in the Hindi kshitij .

  • Do bailo ki katha
  • Lahsa ki oor
  • Upbhoktawad ki sanskriti
  • Sanwale sapno ki yaad
  • Nana saheb ki putri devi maina ko bhasam kar diya gya
  • Premchand ke fate joote
  • Mere bachpan ke din
  • Ek kutta uar ek maina
  • Saakhinya aur sabad
  • Wakh
  • Sawaye
  • Kaidi aur kokila
  • Gram shri
  • Megh aaye
  • Yamraj ki disha
  • Bacche kaam par jaa rahe hai

The majority of this book is comprised of prose and poetry. There are 17 chapters in this textbook. The compositions in this collection give students a moral education while also connecting them to a range of real-life situations.

All questions in this textbook are answered in Home tuition to assist students in achieving excellent exam scores.

Chapters Covered In NCERT Hindi Class 9 Sanchayan

The chapters from Sanchayan's Hindi textbook are listed here.

  • Chapter 1 - Gillu
  • Chapter 2 - Smriti
  • Chapter 3 - Kallu Kumhar Ki Unakoti
  • Chapter 4 - Mera Chhota Sa Niji Pustkalay
  • Chapter 5 - Hammid Khan
  • Chapter 6 - Diye Jal Utthe

There are trip memoirs, biographies, memoirs, anecdotes, historical events, and more in this book. The best Hindi authors relate these stories. This book introduces students to a variety of literary genres as well as their stylistic characteristics. Our home tuition provides all the solutions in a way that students learn to write any questions on their own.

Chapters Covered In Class 9 NCERT Hindi Sparsh

The following are  Sparsh textbooks that are included in the syllabus of Hindi class 9 students.

  • Chapter 1: Dukh ka Adhikar
  • Chapter 2: Everest - Meri Shikhar Yatra
  • Chapter 3: Tum Kab Jaoge
  • Chapter 4: Vaigyanik
  • Chapter 5: Dharam Ki Aad
  • Chapter 6: Shukra Tare Ke Samaan
  • Chapter 7: Raidas Ke Pad
  • Chapter 8: Rahim Ke Dohe
  • Chapter 9: Aadmi Nama 
  • Chapter 10: Ek Phool Ki Chah
  • Chapter 11: Geet Ageet 
  • Chapter 12: Agnipath
  • Chapter 13: Naye Illake Mein and Khooshboo Rachte Hain Haath

The narrative section of the book has six chapters while the poetry section has seven poems. These poems and prose are written by the greatest Hindi authors and poets. They not only improve students' language skills but also teach them about various elements of life.

Benefits Of Using Home Tuition For NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Hindi

Solutions provided by home tuition answer all the questions from all four volumes.

  • Students can understand the solutions easily clearly and systematically.
  •  Solutions provided by home tuition follow the latest CBSE pattern.
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Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi - Latest CBSE Syllabus - 2022 - 23

. Why Should I Download NCERT Hindi Solution Book?

Hindi is the toughest subject for many students Because translation and comprehension of queries are very important when it comes to Hindi, students should download Ncert Hindi solutions for free to improve their grammar and writing skills which will help students to score well in their exam

. How to prepare for Class 9 Hindi?

Firstly, thoroughly complete all the chapters of NCERT books, then seek assistance from additional books.

Make it a habit to take regular chapter notes.

Solve prior year's question papers to get a sense of the exam's question pattern.

. How are Home tuition Class 9 solutions of Sparsh useful?

Our home tuition for NCERT Solution Hindi Sparsh provides students with a succinct synopsis of the lesson, an in-depth explanation of the answers, and essential points that help them remember difficult answers. Our subject-matter experts have rigorously handpicked this material to help students retain factual facts from the chapter and improve their language abilities.