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Worksheets For Class 1 EVS

Chapter Wise CBSE Worksheet for class 1 EVS

The worksheet for class 1 EVS is prepared by expert tutors and consists of MCQ based questions to give students an optimal practice environment. Environmental Studies Class 1 consists of 13 chapters in the CBSE board syllabus, our experts’ teachers prepared chapter wise Worksheet for class 1 EVS which consists of questions from entire chapters. EVS is a subject on which students learn very interesting facts based on daily used things like students learn about body parts, how rain takes place, what makes soils, what is the use of water, how our environment works in a very simple way with the help of infographics. Worksheet for class 1 EVS gives students an additional information’s-based quiz which helps not only in fast revision but also help in understanding the subject in a more detailed manner. 

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Download Free Printable EVS Worksheets for class 1 with Solutions

EVS Worksheet for Clas 1 

Worksheets for Class 1 EVS are made to help kids learn about their environment in a fun way. They're designed to make kids curious about what's around them, so they can understand it better. These worksheets mix learning with enjoyable activities like puzzles.

You can get these Grade 1 EVS Worksheets in a PDF format for free. They cover various topics like the human body, plants, animals, water, soil, family, food, clothes, your area, school, talking, and more.

These worksheets include different kinds of puzzles: pictures, crosswords, mazes, filling in blanks, true or false, and matching exercises.

Why do students need a worksheet for class 1 EVS?

EVS in class 1 consists of lots of interesting topics and all chapters need to practice a lot to have a more solid foundation for higher-class social science and science. Class 1 EVS consists of chapters introduction form science and social science. The syllabus consists of chapters that are used in our daily life and help students to have understood lots of new topics. The concept that needs to study in class 1 EVS are.

  1. I and my Body: This chapter consist of an Introduction to your Parts of the Body and gives you a fundamental understanding of each part of your body.
  2. Water & Shelter: The worksheet from this chapter will give you a brief idea about the use of water and how can we use shelter from rainwater through the right set of questions given in the worksheet for class 1 EVS.
  3. My Family and Our Celebrations: This chapter's questions are based on different types of celebrations that children do in their homes like festivals and other occasions.
  4. My Family: Questions based on family give you the idea to understand moral values and family meanings.
  5. Festivals & Celebrations: In our daily life we do celebrate lots of festivals all questions are based on how to celebrate festivals what we do and why we do it.
  6. Means of Transport and Road Safety: Kids must understand the means of transport that they are using and must learn about their safety.
  7. Plants and Animals Around Us: You will get questions on a worksheet from Plants around us and Animals Kingdom
  8. My Neighborhoods: Worksheet consists of questions MCQ based on Our Helpers and Important Places
  9. The Earth and the sky: Get questions based on Sun, Moon, Earth & Stars, and Seasons
  10. Good Habits: Must-read chapter and questions in the worksheet are from Good Habits and Safety habits

Body Parts Worksheet For Class 1 EVS

Worksheets about body parts will have activities like naming and labeling different body parts, solving crosswords related to them, filling in missing letters in body part names, and other enjoyable challenges. In these EVS Class 1 Worksheets on My Body Parts, there are also puzzles about our senses, where kids can figure out which sense is used for different purposes.

Body Parts for Class 1 EVS

Types of Plants for EVS Worksheets for Class 1

These worksheets about plants for Class 1 in EVS will help your child remember what they learn in school about plants. They include fun activities like identifying plant parts, coloring them, word puzzles, and filling in blanks to complete plant names. These exercises are interesting and will make learning about plants enjoyable for your child.

Animal Worlsheet for Class 1 EVS

There are different fun activities like picture puzzles, crosswords, filling in blanks, matching games, and word scrambles that your child will enjoy solving. These Grade 1 EVS Worksheets about Animals Around Us also include puzzles about animals and where they live. Kids get to match animals with their homes, finish spelling the names of animal homes, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter Wise CBSE Worksheet for class 1 EVS

. How to download EVS worksheets for class 1 pdf?

Home-tution.com uploaded chapter wise EVS worksheet for free download, you need to click on the chapter and then the download option. The pdf will be downloadable and then take the print and solve the questions given in the worksheet. 

. Where can we get the worksheet for class 1 EVS food? 

In this section, we have uploaded all the chapters worksheet for class 1 EVS which include a worksheet for class 1 EVS food with an answer sheet and an explanation of questions asked in the worksheet for class 1 EVS food. 

. How to get class 1 EVS worksheets with answers?

Check out the home tution.com worksheet section for class 1 you will get a free pdf for downloading all the class 1 EVS worksheets. These worksheets are with answer keys and a few questions which need more explanation are explained in detail. 

. How to get a live worksheet for class 1 EVS? 

You can download class 1 EVS worksheets from the link given above, this page consists of chapter wise class 1 EVS worksheets for free download.