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NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS (Environmental Science)

NCERT Solutions For Environmental Studies Of Class 3 Student

We all know that competition for students to get higher ranks and grades is all over the world. Students should score well to be placed at a top university and company. We, Home Tuitions, are there to help qualified and underqualified students win their competitive exams with excellent marks.

We help the students to get their doubts cleared in any way and have a great team to help them understand the basics and challenging questions in a way that they best understand in various ways and methods with the help of different examples. We give them proper guidance with year-by-year question papers and their answers. And make them understand with step-by-step solutions and in a language, they can understand well. HT experts prepared Subject wise NCERT Solutions for class 3 as per the CBSE school's requirement, students must follow those solutions to score good marks. 

We also provide the students with one-to-one sessions on the topic or the question paper that they have doubts about or where they take a lot of time to complete the question. As these board exams have a minimum time limit with so many questions to finish in the given time, we provide them guidance for that too. We make the students leave this institute with excellent knowledge about the NCERT EVS subject and when they excel in the exam with the best results and high grades. We guarantee that.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter wise - PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS (Environmental Science) Looking Around

  1. Chapter 1 Poonam Day out
  2. Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy
  3. Chapter 3 Water O’ Water
  4. Chapter 4 Our First School
  5. Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House
  6. Chapter 6 Foods We Eat
  7. Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking
  8. Chapter 8 Flying High
  9. Chapter 9 It’s Raining
  10. Chapter 10 What is Cooking?
  11. Chapter 11 From Here To There
  12. Chapter 12 Work We Do
  13. Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings
  14. Chapter 14 The Story of Food
  15. Chapter 15 Making Pots
  16. Chapter 16 Games We Play
  17. Chapter 17 Here Comes a Letter
  18. Chapter 18 A House Like This!
  19. Chapter 19 Our Friends-Animal
  20. Chapter 20 Drop By Drop
  21. Chapter 21 Families Can Be Different
  22. Chapter 22 Left-Right
  23. Chapter 23 A Beautiful Cloth
  24. Chapter 24 Web of Life

Why is EVS important for class 3 students?

It is good when small children learn how good our environment is and why we live here. This subject will give them excellent knowledge about the importance of living in the environment and the strong bond between humans and this loving environment and nature. They have to know that this is the creation of the person above us. Experts of HT prepared all the NCERT solutions and are errorless and accurate in easy language. . 

From grade 1 to grade 6, it is essential in school that a child learns about environmental studies or, say, EVS. They have topics that concern society and nature that have a combination in a tiny way. It will make the young minds understand them easily. They are taught about the importance of plants, how water is essential to us, the home we live in, the importance of the food we eat, the body language we use, travel, and so on. They are all the things that we do in our daily life. 

What do our students gain from HT when they learn about EVS?

There will be no one who has gone through old question papers when major exams are coming up. But higher secondary exams are the most crucial part of a student's life to decide which course they must enter before becoming professionals. So these are some of the benefits that the student gets when learning NCERT EVS from us:

  • Our subject matter experts are practising them. They will provide them with complete solutions and ways to break this solution out into different methods and have one-to-one sessions for those who take time to understand the concepts. 
  • We are available 24/7 and do not need any form of the registration fee from students. 
  • Even on our website, we update every question paper exam yearly and our competitive question papers to better understand students. 
  • If any diagrams are used, we have drawn them for them in an easily understandable way. 
  • The NCERT solutions for EVS for students can be handy and they can go through the papers and answers at any time or at the last minute. 

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS (Environmental Science)

. Why is EVS important for primary kids?

The things taught in environmental studies need to be done in one's daily life. They even learn to form regular habits, carry on different things in the future, and develop an interest in doing things.

. How can we make sure that the student is satisfied with HomeTuitions online?

WE hometuitions.com provides every student with the apt knowledge of knowing about EVS and provides them complete support in their studies and expertise in this competitive world. We treat them as one and teach them with friendly and easy methods for them to understand.

. Will the student gain any value in learning EVS in their primary?

Yes, of course, they will. When they know about the environment, they have a great connection with humans and nature, which helps the students prepare for their future. Studying this subject allows students to empower stewards of all ages, helps in building community, and brings changes to their life. We are always there to guide them, gain their knowledge through friendly motivation, and move on in this competitive exam and world.