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NCERT Solutions For Class 1

Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 1

NCERT solutions for class 1 are prepared by the expert teachers of Home-tution.com having decayed teaching experience with class 1 students. Our teacher understands that the kids are in their first step of learning and based on that we have uploaded solutions which is suitable to build the foundations in early classes.

NCERT Grade 1 solutions are solved by Home-tution.com experts to help students get excellent marks in their school and annual exams. All questions and answers available on CBSE NCERT Books are included on this page. We have provided all Class 1 NCERT Solutions courses with a detailed explanation namely.

We have solved every question step by step solutions in understandable language. So students with good knowledge of NCERT Solutions Class 1 Science, Social, Maths, Hindi, and English can easily make the grade in their exams. Read on to find out more about NCERT Solutions.

List of NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Subjects

The Home-tution.com education team comprises a head teacher from a separate CBSE school who has prepared solutions to the details of all questions provided using the NCERT Manual. The links listed below are NCERT book solutions by topic.

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Science
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Social Studies

NCERT Solutions for Class 1

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English

English holds a pivotal role not only in academics but also in various facets of our daily lives. Proficiency in the English language is often associated with a well-rounded personality. This underscores the importance of nurturing students' interest in English from their early years. Class 1 English introduces captivating poems and short stories that foster a strong understanding of the subject in an enjoyable manner. To support students in their learning journey, we have compiled dependable NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English.

For your convenience, we have made chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English accessible through the provided links below:

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths

Mathematics is a wide-ranging and captivating subject. Class 1 Mathematics establishes the groundwork for the more intricate role that Mathematics assumes in subsequent classes. In Class 1, students are introduced to Mathematics in a straightforward and stimulating manner, often through games, activities, and thought-provoking questions.

The lessons are enriched with visuals and graphical illustrations to keep young learners thoroughly engaged. The curriculum encompasses fundamental concepts such as addition, subtraction, shapes, counting numbers, patterns, and more.

To assist students in their studies, we offer chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Mathematics, accessible through the links provided below:

How to use NCERT Solutions for class 1

NCERT is a widely used textbook in class 1 and is recommended by almost all teachers and CBSE schools. This textbook is very well designed and explains the theory part in easy language to have a good understanding of the chapter. Each chapter consists of enough solved examples and just after that exercise is given.

Based on the type of chapter it consists of more than one exercise. We have solved all questions given in the exercise. It is recommended that the child will solve questions without using NCERT Solutions for Class 1. One must use NCERT Solutions for Class 1 for only those questions on which he faces the problem of wanting to check your answers. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 is prepared with the help of relevant images for better understanding.

About NCERT Solutions for Class 1

The NCERT Class 1 solutions cover three Maths, Hindi, and English courses. Students can gain a deeper understanding of Mathematics by learning different basic concepts of the subject. The NCERT Grade 1 solution will also help students discover the foundation of mathematical concepts. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths Classes are About Styles and Space, Numbers from One to Nine, Addition, Subtraction, Rate, Numbers from Twenty-One to Fifty etc.

English Grade 1 English solutions will help students understand English as a language right away. It will also help them to build a solid foundation for academic excellence and to assist them in furthering the soft skills needed in today's world. It will also help to understand the themes contained in the poems and prose. The NCERT solution for English Class 1 chapters consists of two books: raindrops and Marigold. Raindrops contain 9 units and Marigold contains 10 units.

NCERT Hindi solutions will also help students understand chapter and question patterns. The information provided to NCERT solutions is as follows: Hindi guidelines. The 1st class solution for the Hindi topic has 23 chapters. Students can refer to the first NCERT solution for their confident preparation without hesitation as it will help them get better marks in the exam.

Importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 1

The NCERT Grade 1 textbook contains sufficient information to enhance your class 1 study with all the necessary details as an example. You need to follow the theory section and make sure you are aware of all the important points mentioned in the NCERT book. 1st-grade science notes are very useful for all your future classes. While solving the questions given during the NCERT book you will face the problem and stick to a few difficult questions in such a situation NCERT Solutions for Class 1 will help you a lot. Home-tution.com has uploaded the perfect NCERT solutions for your reference.

Subjects in Class 1

Generally, there are only three subjects - Mathematics, Hindi, and English, in Class 1 CBSE and other public schools. Many public schools use other subjects such as Science, Computers, GK, Grammar, and possibly other subjects. NCERT textbooks are only available in three subjects - Hindi, English, and Maths. After clearing the basics in Nursery and KG, the student should try to write the complete sentence in standard 1st. With the help of parents and teachers, students should try to read the complete sentences given in the poems and stories. Every day they have to read at least one chapter to have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 1

. What is meant by class 1 NCERT Solutions?

Ans. NCERT Class 1 Solutions is the best and most detailed solution to the questions asked in the NCERT manual. If you want to clarify your ideas or have difficulty solving questions from NCERT books, NCERT solutions will be your main help in the best way.

. How difficult are the problems in Maths in class 1?

Ans. The topics discussed in this article are very basic, and they are not too difficult for children to understand. Topics include basic, subtraction, multiplication, understanding basic conditions and patterns, time, and learning the rupee and paise. The NCERT Grade 1 solutions provided for maths are the most accurate and reliable answers for students and parents to refer to as they are tested by experts. The lesson is not as difficult as it seems, and the solutions provided make it easy to read.

. Where to find NCERT Solutions for Class 1?

Ans. There are several e-learning forums that provide NCERT solutions for Grade 1 CBSE students in all subjects. Home-tution.com is one of those platforms where you can get the best NCERT 1st grade solutions in free PDF format. These solutions include chapter-by-chapter answers to questions from professional textbooks. These solutions are very useful in increasing students' marks in exams.

. Which site is best for NCERT solutions?

Ans. The best site for NCERT solutions is Home Tution.

. What is the name of the English book for Class 1 NCERT?

Ans. The name of the English book for Class 1 NCERT is usually "Marigold."

. What is the name of NCERT Class 1 maths book?

Ans. The name of the NCERT Class 1 maths book is "Math-Magic."

. Do CBSE students study NCERT?

Ans.Yes, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) students often study NCERT textbooks, as the CBSE curriculum is primarily based on NCERT books. These textbooks are considered fundamental for CBSE students and are commonly used in schools affiliated with the CBSE board.