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Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Business studies

About CUET Business Studies

Business studies is a field that includes topics like finance, marketing, and accounting. Its research combines ideas from modern organisations, marketing, accounting, and economics. A thorough subject in the social sciences, business studies allows the thorough consideration of a broad range of abilities, including financial management, planning, organisation, accounting, marketing, and managing human resources. Business studies are important for daily life and have a serious influence on how we view cash and transactions.

How to strengthen business studies for CUET Entrance Exam

All the questions and paper is prepared NTA for the CUET exam so the preferred book for CUET is the NCERT textbook. Follow the following points to score good marks in the CUET entrance exam. 

To correlate every topic to a real-world situation and consider how to apply it, you must begin your studies well enough in advance. A thorough review is essential for examination performance.

Bring together some of the points, practise logs, and Smarts core Notes that you have created over the duration of the year. Start making plans for editing. Spend the time allowed between each of the chapters going through the problems you had trouble understanding while practising.

Moving from easy to harder topics in order to establish a strong foundation for resolving case studies and application-based concerns. After knowing the concepts, you should memorise them so you are able to correctly write them out in the examination if you want to receive all the points.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Academic Resources 2023-24

Points to follow to become an expert in business studies for CUET Exam

Do not view business as a burden; rather, appreciate it because you will be dealing with it frequently in the near future. Don't put off learning it until the last few months; instead, develop a proper study routine.

The meaning of the question is a major concern. You must completely appreciate the point because the queries will be case studies that are one page long. The topic will always be supported by a theory that takes into account fundamental points from everyday life.

Most importantly, simply read the questions. The query would be complex. Some questions can ask you to provide an explanation. There is a chance to overlook that term.

CUET Business Studies Syllabus 

CUET Business Studies Unit I: Nature and Significance of Management

Management – Concept, Objectives, Importance.

Nature of Management; Management as Science, Art, Profession.

Levels of Management – Top, Middle Supervisory (First level).

Management Functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling.

Coordination – Nature, and Importance.

CUET Business Studies Unit II: Principles of Management

Principles of Management – Meaning, Nature, and Significance.

Fayol’s Principles of Management.

Taylor’s Scientific Management – Principles and Techniques

CUET Business Studies Unit III: Business Environment

Business Environment – Meaning and Importance.

Dimensions of Business Environment – Economic, Social, Technological, Political, and Legal.

Economic Environment in India.

Impact of Government policy changes on Business and Industry, with Special Reference to the adoption of the policies of Liberalization Privatization, and Globalization.

CUET Business Studies Unit IV: Planning

Planning - Meaning, Features, Importance, and Limitations.

Planning Process.

Types of Plans – Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, Method, Rule, Budget, Programme.

CUET Business Studies Unit V: Organizing

Organizing - Meaning and Importance.

Steps in the Process of Organizing.

Structure of Organization – Functional, and Divisional.

Formal and Informal Organization.

Delegation: Meaning elements and Importance.

Decentralization: Meaning and Importance.

Difference between Delegation and Decentralization.

CUET Business Studies Unit VI: Staffing

Meaning, Need, and Importance of Staffing.

Staffing as a part of Human Resources Management.

Steps in the Staffing Process.

Recruitment – Meaning and Sources.

Selection – Meaning and Process.

Training and Development – Meaning, Need, Methods – on-the-job and off-the-job methods of training.

CUET Business Studies Unit VII: Directing

Directing - Meaning, Importance, and Principles.

Elements of Direction.

Supervision – Meaning and Importance.

Motivation – Meaning and Importance, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Financial and Non-Financial Incentives.

Leadership – Meaning, Importance; Qualities of a good leader.

Communication – Meaning, and Importance, Formal and Informal Communication.

Barriers to effective communication.

CUET Business Studies Unit VIII: Controlling

Meaning and importance.

Relationship between Planning and Controlling.

Steps in the Process of Control.

Techniques of Controlling.

CUET Business Studies Unit IX: Business Finance

Business finance – Meaning, Role, Objectives of Financial Management.

Financial Planning – Meaning and Importance.

Capital Structure – Meaning and Factors.

Fixed and Working Capital – Meaning and Factors affecting their requirements.

CUET Business Studies Unit X: Financial Markets

Concept of Financial Market: Money Market – Nature Instruments.

Capital Market: Nature and Types – Primary and Secondary market.

The Distinction between Capital Market and Money Market.

Stock Exchange – Meaning, Functions, NSEI, OCTEI, Trading Procedure.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – Objectives, Functions.

CUET Business Studies Unit XI: Marketing

Marketing – Meaning, Functions, Role.

The Distinction between Marketing and Selling.

Marketing Mix – Concept and Elements.

Product – Nature, Classification, Branding, Labeling, and Packaging

Physical Distribution: Meaning, & Role. 

Channels of Distribution – Meaning, Types, Factors, Determining the choice of channels.

Promotion – Meaning and Role, Promotion Mix, Role of Advertising and Personal Selling.

Objections to Advertising.

Price: Factors Influencing Pricing.

CUET Business Studies Unit XII: Consumer Protection

Importance of Consumer Protection.

Consumer Rights.

Consumer Responsibilities.

Ways and Means of Consumer Protection.

Consumer Awareness and Legal Redressal with Particular Reference to the Consumer Protection Act.

Role of Consumer Organizations and NGOs.

CUET Business Studies Unit XIII: Entrepreneurship Development

Concept, Functions, and Need.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics and Competencies.

Process of Entrepreneurship Development.

Entrepreneurial Values, Attitudes, and Motivation – Meaning and Concept.

Important MCQ Questions for CUET domain subjects-2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Business studies

. Is the syllabus for CUET business studies difficult?

No, because of the brand-new courses in the Commerce stream, the majority of students consider CUET to be challenging academically. They have a hard time studying for tests. But this is one of the easiest subjects.

. Why is CUET Business Studies good?

A business study will help you gain a solid knowledge of fundamental financial theory, how global events affect markets, and how to evaluate a company's financial health.

. What is a Suitable Way to Prepare for the BST CUET?

One of the most systematic techniques for students attempting to prepare for the CUET BST is to move forward in a proper sequence as compared to studying in keeping with comfort. In this way, the right flow is maintained.

. What are the chapters included in the syllabus of Business Studies CUET?

Part A: The Foundation of Business

The Evolution and Fundamentals of Business

Forms of business organisations

Public, Private, and Global Enterprises

Business Services

Emerging Modes of Business

Business Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

 Part B: Finance and Trade 

Sources of business finance

Small Businesses and Enterprises

Internal Trade

International Trade