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Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Political Science

About CUET Political science

To score good marks in the CUET entrance exam for subjects like political science you need to solve the MCQ. Political science is an important part of everyone's life. Independent of the nation, landmass or state of the person. It doesn't matter if you have a career in political science or not it has its impact on all. 

How to score good marks in political science subject in CUET?

Political science is a learning subject. It requires your good memorisation power and your interest in it. It doesn't have concepts, so you don't need to mug up things. Just revise topics again and again and you will be able to score well. 

Points to follow to become an expert in MCQ based Questions of CUET political science 

1. Create a practical study plan and stick to it strictly. Making a perfect and practical study plan is an art. Try to create a plan which can be executed practically so that you don't get demotivated.

2. Know your weak points and strong points in political science. Try to work more on your weak points and turn them into your strengths. 

3. Don't rush into too many books. Focus on NCERT and read it many times. Almost all books convey the same content so try to avoid it.

4. Always read the questions carefully and understand what is required and try to write to-the-point answers.

5. You should plan your exam strategy and work rigorously on it.

6. If you want to score good marks then train your mind. Your mind should be prepared to perform well during your political science exam.

7. Practice the previous year's question papers. It will give you an idea of how the questions are asked and where you are lagging.

8. Make short notes to revise important points regularly. You should revise topics weekly.

Stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit and try to avoid negativity.

9. Finally, there is no substitute for hard work. So, work hard and practice more questions. And your time is very precious so use it effectively.

List of chapters covered in CUET CUET  Political Science

World politics

Chapter 1 The Cold War Era

Chapter 2 The End of Bipolarity

Chapter 3 US Hegemony in World Politics

Chapter 4 Alternative Centres of Power

Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia

Chapter 6 International Organisations

Chapter 7 Security in the Contemporary World

Chapter 8 Environment and Natural Resources

Chapter 9 Globalisation

Politics in India

Chapter 1 Challenges of Nation Building

Chapter 2 Era of One Party Dominance

Chapter 3 Politics of Planned Development

Chapter 4 India’s External Relations

Chapter 5 Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System

Chapter 6 The Crisis of Democratic Order

Chapter 7 Rise of Popular Movements

Chapter 8 Regional Aspirations

Chapter 9 Recent Developments in Indian Politics

Important MCQ Questions for CUET domain subjects-2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter-Wise MCQ Based Questions with Explanations for CUET Political Science

. How to get the best MCQ questions for CUET political science? 

To get the best MCQ-based questions check out the above page which consists of Important questions for CUET political science questions with explanations which help you to score good marks in CUET entrance exams. You can see chapter-wise solutions on our website. 

. Does this page for CUET Political science cover the entire syllabus? 

Yes, home tutors will teach you the entire syllabus of the political science subject.


. What is the fee for CUET MCQ-based questions of political science?

All the chapter-wise MCQ questions based on CUET political science are prepared by the experts and are available for free to all users who are preparing for CUET political science

. How to excel in political science and how home tuition will help me in history?

You can excel in political science if you are determined to do so. It is an easy subject. You don't need to mug up things. A basic understanding and regular practice are required for improving the subject of political science 

Home Tuitions will help you by making your foundation strong.

. Are NCERT books enough for exam preparation of CUET?

NCERT books play an important role in any of your exams because you find all the basic concepts which are easily understood by you. NCERT books are enough to score good marks in your exams.