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Worksheet For class 6

CBSE Class 6 Worksheets with answers and detailed solutions

CBSE Class 6 worksheets are prepared by the experts of home tuition with keeping the syllabus coverage. These Class 6 worksheets are useful for all students who are looking for additional questions. To help you in your academics our subject matter experts uploaded different types of questions in the worksheets like multiple choice questions, subjective questions, fill-in-the-blanks and maths the following types of questions. 

Subject Wise Worksheet For class 6

Subjects covered in Class 6 worksheets

This page consists of all worksheets for class 6 for the subjects like Maths, science, social science and English. Our experts cover all the chapters and subjects for class 6 and uploaded the questions which are prepared from the prescribed textbook school to cover the entire syllabus. Each Class 6 worksheet subject consists of chapters given in the NCERT textbook and consists of 60 to 80 questions depending on the difficulty level of the chapters. Each question is explained with detailed solutions to provide you with additional help. 

What are the chapters covered in the Class 6 worksheets?

All the chapters asked in the CBSE textbook are covered in the worksheets our experts carefully selected the questions and try to upload the questions from the entire part of the chapter. The such sheet will help you to do a good revision of the entire chapter. 

Chapters covered in Worksheet for Maths

Chapter 1 - Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 2 - Whole Numbers

Chapter 3 - Playing with Numbers

Chapter 4 - Basic Geometrical Ideas

Chapter 5 - Understanding Elementary Shapes

Chapter 6 - Integers

Chapter 7 - Fractions

Chapter 8 - Decimals

Chapter 9 - Data Handling

Chapter 10 - Mensuration

Chapter 11 - Algebra

Chapter 12 - Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 13 - Symmetry

Chapter 14 - Practical Geometry

Chapters covered in Worksheet for Science

Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From?

Chapter 2 - Components of Food

Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric

Chapter 4 - Sorting Materials into Groups

Chapter 5 - Separation of Substances

Chapter 6 - Changes Around Us

Chapter 7 - Getting to Know Plants

Chapter 8 - Body Movements

Chapter 9 - The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

Chapter 10 - Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter 11 - Light, Shadows and Reflections

Chapter 12 - Electricity and Circuits

Chapter 13 - Fun with Magnets

Chapter 14 - Water

Chapter 15 - Air Around Us

Chapter 16 - Garbage In, Garbage Out

Chapters covered in Worksheet for English

All the worksheets prepared for English are from the grammar portion of the subject. 

Chapters covered in Worksheet for Social Science

Worksheet for class 6 Geography 

Chapter 1 - The Earth in the Solar System

Chapter 2 - Globe Latitudes and Longitudes

Chapter 3 - Motions of the Earth

Chapter 4 - Maps

Chapter 5 - Major Domains of the Earth

Chapter 6 - Major Landforms of the Earth

Chapter 7 - Our Country India

Chapter 8 - India Climate Vegetation and Wildlife

Worksheet for class 6 History

Chapter 1 - What, Where, How and When?

Chapter 2 - On The Trial of the Earliest People

Chapter 3 - From Gathering to Growing Food

Chapter 4 - In the Earliest Cities

Chapter 5 - What Books and Burials Tell Us

Chapter 6 - Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic

Chapter 7 - New Questions and Ideas

Chapter 8 - Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War

Chapter 9 - Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Chapter 10 - Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Chapter 11 - New Empires and Kingdoms

Chapter 12 - Buildings, Paintings and Books

Worksheet for class 6 Social Science

Chapter 1 - Understanding Diversity

Chapter 2 - Diversity and Discrimination

Chapter 3 - What is Government

Chapter 4 - Key Elements of a Democratic Government

Chapter 5 - Panchayati raj

Chapter 6 - Rural Administration

Chapter 7 - Urban Administration

Chapter 8 - Rural Livelihoods

Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods

The Right Approach to use Worksheet for class 6

The best approach to use the Worksheet for class 6 is to solve the questions without the help of solutions. Solving additional questions will help you to build your subject and practising additional questions will improve your question-solving skill. The right approach to solve the worksheet starts with chapter 1 of your subject and reading the theory given in your textbook while reading the theory part make sure you are preparing the notes by highlighting all important points in the notes which help you in the final revision. Solve the questions asked in the textbook and then only start the worksheet questions, solve all questions given in the worksheets and if you face any difficulty use the solution and hint provided in the worksheets. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 6 Worksheets with answers and detailed solutions

. How to download the worksheets for class 6?

The best way to download the worksheet for class 6 is to check out the worksheet page prepared by home-tution.com you will find the link of a subject select the subject for which you need the worksheets and download the chapter-wise worksheets prepared by the experts free. 

. What is the benefit of solving questions from worksheets for class 6?

Solving questions gives you additional advantages such as while solving the worksheet of class 6 you will get the questions from the entire chapter which ensures you your understanding of the chapter and weak points apart from this students build confidence in solving the questions in lesser time which help them to boost their score. 

. Do the worksheets cover the entire syllabus?

Yes, all the worksheets prepared for class 6 cover all subjects and each worksheet is prepared from the CBSE syllabus ensuring complete coverage of the subject. 

. What are the subjects covered in the worksheets of class 6? 

worksheets of class 6 cover all subjects like Maths, science, English grammar and social science. All the chapters asked in the NCERT textbook are covered in the worksheets of class 6.