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NCERT Solutions For Class 2 EVS

Get Free PDF of CBSE Class 2 EVS NCERT Books For 2022-23 Session


Environmental Studies, or EVS, is one of the most required courses for children during their early years of education. They will be able to explore and associate with their surroundings, both natural and man-made, by learning EVS. Class 2 EVS will provide a solid basis for understanding Science and assist students in developing their knowledge of how many things in and around their immediate environment work. Do follow Subject-wise NCERT Solutions for class 2 created by HT experts. 

Class 2 is a pivotal year in the life of every student. We are presenting you with all of the relevant resources you may be looking for about studying Standard 2 Environmental Science here.

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions For Class 2 EVS

NCERT Solutions (CBSE) For Class 2 EVS

Latest CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus For 2021-22 Session

Candidates can download CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus PDF. Here we have given the complete list of all the chapters covered in the CBSE Syllabus for Class 2 EVS. CBSE Class 2 EVS chapter-wise Syllabus is listed below:

  • Chapter 1 – Invention of the Wheel
  • Chapter 2 – Good Habits
  • Chapter 3 – Means of Communication
  • Chapter 4 – Clothes
  • Chapter 5 – World Around Me
  • Chapter 6 – Get To Know Me
  • Chapter 7 – Understanding Directions
  • Chapter 8 – Houses
  • Chapter 9 – Services In Neighbourhood
  • Chapter 10 – Time
  • Chapter 11 – Air, Water, Food, Shelter
  • Chapter 12 – Means of Transport
  • Chapter 13 – Our Family

What are all we are offering?

The entire syllabus for standard 2 EVS is available here. Knowing and keeping track of the syllabus aids in developing an effective learning strategy for the whole of the course. When students know what topics they need to cover for the exam, they can arrange their exam preparation accordingly.

Why should you consider NCERT Solutions for class 2 EVS?

  1. Students can improve their problem-solving skills by studying NCERT Class 2, Environmental Studies Solutions.
  2. Helps develop the subject knowledge in a simple, fun, and interactive way.
  3. No need for tuition or to attend extra classes if students practice on worksheets daily.
  4. Working on NCERT Solutions is time-saving.
  5. Helps students to promote hands-on learning.
  6. One of the helpful resources used in classroom revision.
  7. It also helps to improve subject knowledge.
  8. It encourages classroom activities.

Significance of NCERT Solutions

Students are looking for NCERT solutions for all of their subjects. They also require a trustworthy source of textbook solutions. You will get the most effective, correct, and comprehensive NCERT Solutions for Class 2 EVS. In this collection, we've covered every question from the textbook. Our team of professionals has methodically crafted the solutions with the utmost attention to the pattern and structure of the answers as required by CBSE standards. All the questions have been addressed in such a way that children will be able to understand and practice the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Get Free PDF of CBSE Class 2 EVS NCERT Books For 2022-23 Session

. Whether these solutions will help in the exam?

Yes, these solutions will assist you in excelling in the examination along with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

. What is NCERT Solutions about?

NCERT Solutions is a one-stop shop for all study materials designed to help students enhance their grades and comprehension of subjects. NCERT book solution focuses on the NCERT question and answer pattern and offers students all the solutions to the problems presented in the textbooks.