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NCERT Solutions For Class 12

Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Class 12 NCERT Solutions are designed to enhance students' grasp and analysis of the fundamental notions in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. These resources are crafted to support Class 12 students in their preparations for the CBSE board examinations, serving as a comprehensive resource for all questions related to the PCMB subjects.

Created by our experienced faculty, these solutions assist students in addressing both theoretical and numerical challenges presented in the Class 12 NCERT books. Beyond just board exams, these solutions are incredibly beneficial for students gearing up for competitive exams.

Experts in the field emphasize the importance of NCERT textbooks for Classes 11 and 12 for students preparing for competitive exams like NEET, BITSAT, JEE Mains, VITEEE, JEE Advanced, and more. Questions in these competitive exams often derive from the NCERT textbooks.

To tackle such questions effectively, a strong foundation in the basic concepts is essential. Our NCERT Solutions for Class 12 are meticulously crafted to clarify concepts in an accessible manner, ensuring students understand them thoroughly.

This resource provides comprehensive solutions for NCERT Class 12 Maths and Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), covering each chapter in detail. The aim is to resolve any uncertainties students might face while working through the NCERT Class 12 textbook questions. The solutions are presented clearly, ensuring students can follow the steps and grasp the underlying concepts with ease.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 All Subjects - Updated 2023-24

NCERT Solutions Class 12

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Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 12

There are various reasons why you should look for NCERT Class 12 solutions for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, physics, chemistry, biology, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, English, Hindi, Accountancy (Mandatory), Business Studies (Mandatory), Economics (Mandatory), Informatics Practices/ Mathematics (Mandatory), Physical Education (Optional) as you understand and prepare for your board exams and other competitive exams:

  1. Our detailed solutions, step by step for each question, will help you to understand all the topics and the related concepts.
  2. NCERT Class 12 Solutions will be constructive in completing your homework and assignments.
  3. Your problem-solving skills will improve only as you learn to deal with problems more effectively.
  4. Our experts identify the difficult questions given in the exercise of the NCERT textbook and provided detailed step-by-step solutions to all such questions to have a better understanding of the concepts.
  5. All the questions are solved with the information mentioned in the NCERT textbook so that it will help you to score good marks in the CBSE class 12th board exam.

Why NCERT is a must for Class 12

The NCERT textbook and its solutions are an excellent combination of all the problems faced in class 12. It will help you in the 12th-grade test and entrance exams like JEE and NEET.

In our Indian education system, where a child is in the 10th grade, the syllabus is very limited, and the concepts are fundamental; like the 10th-grade math, you will learn and learn 9th-grade enhancements. 12th grade suddenly part of the math changes, and students must solve the calculus and link the geometry and PNC type of topics utterly different from the 10th-grade syllabus, and this change is hard to manage for any student. Class 11 and 12 are very different from what you've learned till class 10.

CBSE conducts the class 12th board exams and the recommended textbook for the CBSE board is NCERT. If you observed previous year's question papers most all questions asked in the final exam are from the NCERT textbook.

  1. Multiple-choice Questions in English Language and Literature: With the new pattern of exam, all most around 50% of the questions in the English language will be MCQ-based questions. The difficulty level of the question paper has been reduced and as per the previous year's question papers almost 70 percent. CBSE board also uploaded sample papers which students must check for better understanding.
  2. Assertion and Reason-Based Questions in Biology: Assertion and Reason Based Questions in Biology are the difficult parts of biology questions and it needs to be taken care of very carefully because for such questions students need to have very clear concepts else there is a lot of chance of error.
  3. Case Study Based Question in Physics: Physics is the subject of concepts and to become an expert on physics you need to go through the NCERT textbook extensively and solve all the questions given in the exercise with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 12. While reading the NCERT textbook you will get lots of case studies just go through it and make sure you have developed a good understanding of it. 
  4. Case Study-Based Questions in Mathematics: If you check out the previous year's questions and sample papers uploaded on the CBSE site, you came to know the importance of case study-based questions in maths. Practice such questions from the NCERT textbook and solve all MCQ-based questions given in the NCERT textbook.
  5. Assertion and Reason Based, MCQs in Economics: Lots of questions from economics are asked in MCQ types and Assertion and Reason types so prepare such questions about 20 MCQ questions are asked this year.

How to prepare for Class 12 Board Exams

  • In addition to having good resources such as textbooks, workbooks, and solutions, a student should also learn certain habits that can enhance their reading skills. What is most demeaning to this is the practice of taking notes.
  • Typing notes helps you keep track of the information provided during lectures. It also enables you to consolidate your reading and remember information more easily.
  • Another helpful technique you can use is to divide the information into small pieces. These tips help you memorize ideas quickly and effectively. This process is beneficial in science-related subjects such as chemistry and biology.
  • To understand a subject or concept effectively, you need to develop an interest in the subject, no matter how dry or incomprehensible it may sound. Having a relationship with something will help the mind stay focused. This is an important aspect. Lack of interest in the study makes it very difficult to read it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12

. Why should you refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 12?

Ans. The 12th-grade NCERT solutions available at Home-tution.com include English, Hindi, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, etc. Consulting with these solutions will help you understand the practical ways to solve the problems of each topic. NCERT Solutions for all topics are prepared by Home-tution.com  experts, with close reference to the CBSE Board. Students can easily access them. These NCERT solutions will help you to understand new concepts introduced in Class 12 quickly, helping you lay a solid foundation for higher education.

. Why should you refer to Home-tution.com NCERT Solutions for Class 12?

Ans. Highly experienced subject matter experts design the NCERT 12th-grade solutions from Home-tution.com  with extensive experience in each subject. They prepare solutions by adhering closely to the syllabus and guidelines developed by the latest CBSE board. The questions from the NCERT textbook are answered broadly so that students can grasp ideas quickly.

. Why are class 12 board exams important for students?

Ans. Board exams are probably one of the most basic tests for high school students to write. These tests can determine your future and where you are going to college based on how good you get. Board exams are the final 12th-grade tests conducted by CBSE for students across the country. Students learn and practice all year round about this. Students have to work hard, give these tests, and aim to get high scores.