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Are you searching for dance classes near me? If yes you are on the right page. Home-tution.com is the Indian largest home-tuitions provider and we don’t charge students. You can find hundreds of dance classes near you from our platform. If you want to learn to Dance the best way is to go for a tutor who can guild you through the right steps. Home-tution provides the best tutor right near to home for the best learning outcome. 

Mistie Monge
Online Classes
Classes: Home Tutors, Class 11 Tuition and more.
15 Yrs. of Experience
I am an experienced , qualified teacher and tutor with over 15 years of experience in teaching accounts and financial management...
Mistie Monge
Online Classes
Classes: Home Tutors, Class 11 Tuition and more.
15 Yrs. of Experience
I am an experienced , qualified teacher and tutor with over 15 years of experience in teaching accounts and financial management...
Mistie Monge
Online Classes
Classes: Home Tutors, Class 11 Tuition and more.
15 Yrs. of Experience
I am an experienced , qualified teacher and tutor with over 15 years of experience in teaching accounts and financial management...
Mistie Monge
Online Classes
Classes: Home Tutors, Class 11 Tuition and more.
15 Yrs. of Experience
I am an experienced , qualified teacher and tutor with over 15 years of experience in teaching accounts and financial management...

Why you need “Dance Classes Near Me”

Dancing is one of the best hobbies one can have. One must know any one kind of dance or instrument to play. Why do you need dance classes near to home this will ensure the tutor reaches your home asap and save time and energy for the tutor so that he or she can focus on your classes. Dance classes need lots of attention and focus to learn it’s not only the step that you need to understand it is all about the practice and how you are technically perfect. Listen to your tutor and try to understand the basics and focus on every step which your tutor explains to you. Every state and location had its unique skill of dance so dance classes near you will help you learn the local steps too which is a part of your culture. 

Types of dance classes near you

There are different types of dance that students want to learn out of which the most popular Dance is the classical dance in India. Classical dance is of the following types which students can learn depending on their respective interests. 

List of Classical dances in India

  1. Bharatnatyam (Origin state-Tamil Nadu)
  2. Kathak (Origin state-Uttar Pradesh)
  3. Kuchipudi (Origin state-Andhra Pradesh)
  4. Odissi (Origin state-Odisha)
  5. Kathakali (Origin state-Kerala)
  6. Sattriya (Origin state-Assam)
  7. Manipuri (Origin state-Manipur)
  8. Mohiniyattam (Origin state-Kerala)

Bharatanatyam Dance class

The most popular Indian classical dance is Bharatanatyam which originated in the temples of South India, from Tamil Nadu. In ancient times Bharatanatyam Dance is performed by Devadasis, thus it was also known as Dasiattam.

Some facts about Bharatanatyam Dance

  1. Bharatanatyam Dance is about 2000 years old
  2. The three important steps of Bharatanatyam dance are Nritta, Natya, and Nritya 
  3. Bharatanatyam dance can be performed by both men and women.
  4. Poses of Bharatanatyam Dance are also known as Karanas
  5. Gestures used in Bharatanatyam Dance are known as Hastas or Mudras these things will be taught by the Dance teacher on the very first day.

Folk dance classes near me

Folk dance is one of the most popular dance classes in India. The folk dance represents the culture of the place from where it originated. In India, every place has a unique folk dance and it is performed at a special function or festival that place.Home-tution.com consist of a large number of teacher specifically for each type of folk dance. We have listed different teachers for specific folk dances. Students can get the best tutors in the dance classes near me section. 

The list of Folk Dances in India with the originated state is as follows 

  1. State of Origin-Gujarat Types of dance- Garba, Dandiya Raas, Tippani Juriun, Bhavai.
  2. State of Origin-Goa Types of Dance- Tarangamel, Koli, Dekhni, Fugdi, Shigmo, Ghode, Modi, Samayi nrutya, Jagar, Ranmale.
  3. State of Origin-Haryana Types of Dance- Jhumar, Phag, Daph, Dhamal, Loor, Gugga, Khor.
  4. State of Origin-Himachal Pradesh Types of Dance- Jhora, Jhali, Chharhi, Dhaman, Chhapeli, Mahasu.
  5. State of Origin-Jammu & Kashmir Types of Dance- Rauf, Hikat, Mandjas, Kud Dandi Nach.
  6. State of Origin-Jharkhand Types of Dance- Alkap, Karma Munda, Agni, Jhumar, Janani Jhumar.
  7. State of Origin-Mardana Types of Dance- Jhumar, Paika, Phagua.
  8. State of Origin-Karnataka Types of Dance- Yakshagana, Huttari, Suggi, Kunitha, Karga.
  9. State of Origin-Kerala Types of Dance- Ottam Thullal, Kaikottikali.
  10. State of Origin-Maharashtra Types of Dance- Lavani, Nakata, Koli, Lezim, Gafa, Dahikala Dasavtar.
  11. State of Origin-Madhya Pradesh Types of Dance- Jawara, Matki, Aada, Khada Nach, Phulpati, Grida Dance, Selalarki, Selabhadoni.
  12. State of Origin-Manipur Types of Dance- Dol Cholam, Thang-Ta, Lai Haraoba, Pung Cholom.
  13. State of Origin-Meghalaya Types of Dance- Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Nongkrem, Laho.
  14. State of Origin-Andhra Pradesh Types of Dance- Vilasini Natyam, Bhamakalpam, Veeranatyam, Dappu, Tappeta Gullu, Lambadi, Dhimsa, Kolattam.
  15. State of Origin-Arunachal Pradesh Types of Dance- Buiya, Chalo, Wancho, Pasi Kongki, Ponung, Popir.
  16. State of Origin-Assam Types of Dance- Bihu, Bichhua, Natpuja, Maharas, Kaligopal, Bagurumba, Naga dance, Khel Gopal.
  17. State of Origin-Bihar Types of Dance- Jata-Jatin, Bakho-Bakhain, Panwariya.
  18. State of Origin-Chhattisgarh Types of Dance- Gaur Maria, Panthi, Raut Nacha, Pandwani, Vedamati, Kapalik.
  19. State of Origin-Mizoram Types of Dance- Cheraw Dance, Khuallam, Chailam, Sawlakin, Chawnglaizawn, Zangtalam.
  20. State of Origin-Nagaland    Types of Dance- Rangma, Zeliang, Nsuirolians, Gethinglim.
  21. State of Origin-Odisha Types of Dance- Safari, Ghumara, Painka, Munari.
  22. State of Origin-Punjab Types of Dance- Bhangra, Giddha, Daff, Dhaman, Bhand.
  23. State of Origin-Rajasthan    Types of Dance- Ghumar, Chakri, Ganagor, Jhulan Leela, Jhuma, Suisini, Ghapal.
  24. State of Origin-Sikkim Types of Dance- Chu Faat, Sikmari, Singhi Chaam or the Snow Lion, Yak Chaam, Denzong Gnenha, Tashi Yangku.
  25. State of Origin-Tamil Nadu Types of Dance- Kumi, Kolattam, Kavadi. Tripura, Hojagiri
  26. State of Origin-Uttar Pradesh Types of Dance- Nautanki, Raslila, Kajri, Jhora, Chappeli.
  27. State of Origin-Uttarakhand Types of Dance- Garhwali, Kumayuni, Kajari, Jhora, Raslila.

Dance classes near me for Kids

Do you know what are the different types of dance for kids? If No just find the details prepared by Home-tutions.com tutors having good experience to teach and perform Dances in various schools. In India the most popular dance for kids are 

  • Swing dancing
  • Folk dance
  • Musical theatre
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Modern / Contemporary
  • Bollywood dance
  • African dance
  • Irish dance
  • Clog dancing
  • Ballet
  • Tap dancing
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop / Break dancing

Why Dance is Good for all, especially for Kids

Dance increases your child’s skill in performing tasks with physical fitness.

It has been observed that kids who perform dance and do regular practice seem to be more active than other children. Dance not only increases your mental health but also impacts a lot in physical health. All together while dancing you do a lot of physical exercises your entire muscles are active at that time which is very necessary. While dancing because of physical activity kids need good food which full fill the requirement of all nutrients which are required in their daily life. Because of covid, physical activity is reduced a lot, Dance and Dance classes help to rebuild the physical activity and make sure the child will be active on his day. 

Dance classes can help a child’s emotional well-being and Dance tutor always focus on this. 

When your child does Dance practice it increase his physical activity Dance need lots of physical activity which leads to improving physical fitness and because of such high physical activity while dancing dance class in front of your Dance tutor one chemical release from your brain named endorphins which is also known as the happy hormone. This hormone makes sure your mental and emotional wellness. Dance also encourages the child to release their inhibitions and build confidence. Dance classes help children to increase their self-confidence and help them to improve their focus on any work. 

While learning from Dance classes near me you can improve your child’s social skills.

When you get a home tutor from home-tution.com who provide Dance classes near you, our home tutors can make a small group of students for Dance classes. When children start learning the steps in the group they learn a lot of new skills apart from Dance steps like they make friends and learning to help each other. This activity increases their social activity and improves their social skills. Dance classes encourage the child to interact with other children their age which helps them to understand how to gel with people and make new friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Dance classes near me

. How to find Dance classes near me?

Home-tution.com is a free platform to find the right tutor and classes near your location. Just check out the right page that is Dance classes near me, you will find the best tutors and classes in the nearby area. 


. Do I need a personalised tutor for my Dance classes?

It depends on your requirements although hiring a personalised tutor has its benefits like you can learn every step very clearly, a tutor can watch your steps and can guild you what are the mistakes you are doing.  

. What is the Indian dance called?

There are lots of Indian dances of which 8 are very popular and people learn these dances frequently these eight dances are Bharatnatyam (Origin state-Tamil Nadu), Kathak (Origin state-Uttar Pradesh), Kuchipudi (Origin state-Andhra Pradesh), Odissi (Origin state-Odisha), Kathakali (Origin state-Kerala), Sattriya (Origin state-Assam), Manipuri (Origin state-Manipur), Mohiniyattam (Origin state-Kerala).

. What are the 8 Dances of India?

The eight dances of India are Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri, and Mohiniyattam. 

. What is an Indian famous dance?

There are more than 100 plus dances in India having its importance in many places depending on the type of festivals and cultures. While talking about the Indian famous dance it again depends on several factors like age, type of state, kids dance or school-going students. For kids, the most famous dance classes are Swing dancing, Folk dance, Musical theatre, Modern / Contemporary, Bollywood dance, Tap dancing, Jazz, and Hip Hop / Break dancing. While if we are talking about the cultural and heritage dance section the most famous Indian dance are Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi,  and Odissi. 

. What are the 9 dance forms of India?

The most popular 9 Dance in India are 

1. Chhau (Eastern India)

2. Bharatnatyam (Origin state-Tamil Nadu)

3. Kathak (Origin state-Uttar Pradesh)

4. Kuchipudi (Origin state-Andhra Pradesh)

5. Mohiniyattam (Origin state-Kerala)

6. Odissi (Origin state-Odisha)

7. Kathakali (Origin state-Kerala)

8. Sattriya (Origin state-Assam)

9.Manipuri (Origin state-Manipur)

What is your favourite Indian dance?

Different parts of India have different dances, we are listing down the most favourite Indian dances state-wise.

Andhra Pradesh-Kuchipudi, Bhamakalpam, Veeranatyam and Butta Bommalu.

Assam-Bihu, Naga dance and Khel Gopal

Bihar-Jata-Jatin, Bakho-Bakhain and Bidesia.

Gujarat-Garba and Dandiya Ras

Haryana-Jhumar, Phag and Gagor.

Himachal Pradesh-Jhora, Jhali and Dangi.

Jammu and Kashmir-Rauf, Hikat and Mandjas

Karnataka-Yakshagan, Huttari and Suggi

Kerala-Kathakali (Classical), Ottam Thulal and Kaikottikali.

Maharashtra-Lavani and Bohada.

Odisha-Odissi (Classical), Munari and Chhau.

West Bengal-Kathi and Keertan.

Punjab-Bhangra and Giddha

Rajasthan-Ghumar, Chakri and Kalbeliya.

Tamil Nadu-Bharatanatyam,Kolattam, Kavadi.

Uttar Pradesh-Nautanki, Raslila, and Jaita.

Uttarakhand-Garhwali and Kumayuni

Goa-Tarangamel, and Jagar

Madhya Pradesh-Jawara, Matki, and March.

Chhattisgarh-Gaur Maria, Panthi, and Chandaini.

Jharkhand-Alkap, Karma Munda, and Paika

Arunachal Pradesh-Buiya, Chalo, Wancho, Pasi Kongki, and  Chham.

Manipur-Dol Cholam, Thang Ta, Lai Haraoba, and  Lhou  Sha.

Meghalaya-Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Nongkrem, Laho.

Mizoram-Cheraw Dance, and Tlanglam.

Nagaland-Rangma, Bamboo Dance, and  Hetaleulee.


Sikkim-Chu Faat Dance, and Denzong Gnenha

Lakshadweep-Lava, Kolkali, Parichakali

. What is the right age for dance class? 

Technically there is no age bar to learning dance you can start your learning at any age, yes if you want to be perfect in all steps especially in Indian dance the best age to start your learning is 7 years.  

. What is another word for dance class?

Based on differently places dance classes are named a bit differently like A dance studio Academy of dance,  ballet school, conservatory dance academy studio. 

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