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NCERT Solutions For Class 3

Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 3

This page consists of detailed NCERT Solutions for Class 3 prepared by highly experienced teachers of home tution.com. All care is taken to provide you with errorless solutions. Class 3 is a stepping stone to primary education where students learn the different types of concepts that they need to understand to do well on tests.

In addition, having a thorough knowledge of different concepts of various subjects such as Maths, EVS, and English, may affect student performance. Therefore, Grade 3 learners need to be well prepared for their CBSE Class 3 exams. NCERT Solutions for Class 3 consist of detailed solutions for all subjects of class 3 and uploaded chapter-wise free pdf for better understanding. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 All Subjects (Updated 2023-24)

NCERT Solutions for class 3

The Home-tution.com education team comprises a headteacher from a separate CBSE school who has prepared solutions to the details of all questions provided using the NCERT Manual. The links listed below are NCERT book solutions by topic.

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Science
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS

The right way to use NCERT Solutions for Class 3

Students and parents must understand that NCERT Solutions for Class 3 are not used for copying the solution just to finish the homework. The right approach to using NCERT Solutions for Class 3 is to start with chapter reading while reading the chapter theory given in the textbook and try to prepare the notes. Take help from your tutor or parents for a better understanding of the chapter.

Read the theory try to understand the example and note down all important bullet points mentioned in the textbook before moving on to solve the exercise. Once you feel that you understood the chapter very well just revise the notes and start solving the questions given in the exercise, after doing several attempts to solve the questions if you are still unable to solve a particular question take help from NCERT Solutions for Class 3.

Our expert prepared all the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 using the content given in the NCERT textbook for better understating and building up conceptual clarity. We understand that class 3 students are in their early stage of academics because of that we have written a solution that is helpful for the foundation budling.

About NCERT Solutions for Class 3 

There are courses offered by NCERT Solution for Class 3 Mathematics, Environmental Studies, English, and Hindi. In Mathematics, students will learn a variety of topics that will help them later, first with addition and subtraction review and then students will learn repetition, patterns, different situations, and rupee and paise. In English, students read short stories and short poems, and after each chapter, there are various language tests for students to improve their grammar and vocabulary.

In Hindi, students learn grammar and pronunciation by reading short stories and poems as well as a little exercise that helps them build better sentences. Natural Science is a very comprehensive study that covers a variety of topics that are important to students such as showing how to understand the human family tree, the importance of food and nutrition, the importance of water, the web of health, etc. Students can get NCERT Solutions for Class 3 to explore answers to various mathematical problems and grammar solutions for different languages.

Create a good learning environment

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The government is trying its best to understand the psychological consequences of school closure and online learning, before making everything normal again. The years of digital learning have already begun. In one way or another, people are trying to make this a New Standard. Here are a few suggestions that may help a new generation to learn online.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths

Mathematics holds significant importance in the curriculum of Class 3. The syllabus for Class 3 Mathematics encompasses a diverse range of topics, including shapes, measurements, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, counting numbers, and place values. Our NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics offer comprehensive answers to various sections within these topics, aligning with the current CBSE syllabus.

You can easily access the chapter-wise NCERT Class 3 Mathematics Solutions by following the provided links below:

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 Maths
Chapter 1 Where to look from? Chapter 2 Fun with Numbers
Chapter 3 Give and Take Chapter 4 Long and Short
Chapter 5 Shapes and Designs Chapter 6 Fun with Give and Take
Chapter 7 Time Goes on Chapter 8 Who is Heavier?
Chapter 9 How many times? Chapter 10 Play with Patterns
Chapter 11 Jugs and Mugs Chapter 12 Can We Share?
Chapter 13 Smart Charts Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS

EVS stands for Environmental Studies. In Class 3, Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum, students are introduced to the significance of the environment and the methods to preserve and safeguard it.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS assist students in comprehending how to address a variety of environment-related queries effectively, enabling them to achieve high scores in their examinations. You can access chapter-specific NCERT Class 3 EVS Solutions through the provided links below:

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

The Class 3 English curriculum comprises poems, stories, and relevant topic-related questions. Its primary aim is to provide students with foundational skills in reading, writing, and speaking English, along with an understanding of various parts of speech in accordance with CBSE Class 3 English Grammar guidelines.

To assist students in resolving their subject-related questions, the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English serve as a valuable resource, helping them clarify any uncertainties they may encounter during their studies.

NCERT Solution for Class 3 Hindi

Importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 3

  • These textbooks are Recommended and Accepted nationally, by private and public schools alike.
  • NCERT Class 3 textbooks are readily available even in remote and cheap places.
  • Board Examinations are primarily based on the content of the cert.
  • The questions provided in this activity are addressed directly to most 3rd-grade cert solutions that can help you in school and entrance exams.
  • It is famous for dealing with basic concepts and making strong retention for students.

Frequently Asked Questions on Subject wise NCERT Solutions for Class 3

. What are the benefits of NCERT Class 3 Solutions in Exams?

Ans. NCERT Class 3 Solutions assist in exams by providing comprehensive explanations, practice questions, and a better understanding of concepts, improving overall performance.

. How to Download NCERT Solutions Class 3 PDF for Free?

Ans. You can download NCERT Solutions Class 3 PDF for free from Home Tution, making them easily accessible for students.

. What are the main subjects to study in Class 3 NCERT?

Ans. The main subjects to study in Class 3 NCERT include English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Hindi, covering a wide range of foundational knowledge areas.