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CUET (UG) Biology

Chapter Wise CUET MCQ Based Questions for CUET (UG) Biology

CUET Biology questions

CUET Biology questions are prepared by Biology experts as per the latest syllabus of CUET. If you want to take admitted to 100 plus universities for higher education in Biology, you need to score good marks in CUET Biology. To score good marks in Biology one must have very clear concepts in class 12 Biology and a few parts of class 11 Biology. This page is prepared for additional practice for CUET Biology Questions. 

Find chapter-wise CUET Biology questions


CUET Biology Exam Pattern 

Full Name of the CUET-Common Universities Entrance Test

Medium of CUET Exam-13 Different Languages

Frequency of CUET Exam-Once a Year

Type of Questions asked in CUET-Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Duration of Biology Section-45 minutes

Maximum Number of Questions from the Biology Section-50

Number of Questions to be Attempted in Biology Section-40

Maximum Marks Obtained in Biology-200

Marking Scheme-(+5) for every correct answer, (-1) for every incorrect answer, and (0) for every unattempt question

CUET Biology Syllabus 

CUET Biology Unit 1: Reproduction

Reproduction In Organisms    

Modes of reproduction – asexual and sexual.

Reproduction – a characteristic feature of all organisms for the continuation of species.

Modes – Binary fission, Fragmentation, Sporulation, Gemmule, and Budding.

Asexual reproduction.

Vegetative propagation in plants.

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants    

Development of male and female gametophytes.

Flower structure.

Double fertilisation.

Special modes – polyembryony, parthenocarpy, apomixis.

Outbreeding devices.

Pollination – types, examples, and agencies.

Post fertilisation events – Endosperm and embryo development, seed development, and fruit formation.

Pollen – Pistil interaction.

Significance of seed and fruit formation.

Human Reproduction    

Fertilisation, embryo development upto blastocyst formation, implantation.


Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary.

Pregnancy and placenta formation.


Menstrual cycle.

Male and female reproductive systems.

Gametogenesis- oogenesis & spermatogenesis.

Reproductive health    

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and the need for reproductive health.


Contraception and Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP).

Birth control – Need and Methods,

Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies – ZIFT, IVF, GIFT.

CUET Biology Unit 2: Genetics & Evolution

Heredity and variation    

Mendelian Inheritance.

Elementary idea of polygenic inheritance.

Sex determination – In humans, honeybees, and birds.

Mendelian disorders in humans– Thalassemia.

Deviations from Mendelism– Multiple alleles, Incomplete dominance, Codominance, and Inheritance of blood groups, Pleiotropy.

Sex-linked inheritance – Haemophilia, Colour blindness.

Down’s Syndrome, Klinefelter’s and Turner’s Syndromes.

Chromosome theory of inheritance.

Chromosomal disorders in humans.

Chromosomes and Genes.

Linkage and crossing over.

Molecular Basis of Inheritance    

Search for genetic material and DNA as genetic material.

DNA packaging.

Transcription, translation, genetic code.

Structure Of DNA and RNA.

Central dogma.

DNA replication.

DNA fingerprinting.

Gene Expression and regulation–Lac Operon.

Genome and human genome project.


Origin of life.

Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution, Darwin’s contribution.

Human evolution.

Mechanism of evolution – Natural Selection and Variation (Recombination and Mutation) with examples, types of natural selection.

Gene flow Genetic Drift.

Biological evolution and evidence for biological evolution (Embryology, comparative anatomy, paleontological, and molecular evidence).

Adaptive Radiation.

Hardy-Weinberg’s Principle.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter Wise CUET MCQ Based Questions for CUET (UG) Biology

. How do you prepare for CUET Biology?

To prepare for CUET Biology you must start reading and understanding the theory part of Biology, and it starts from the right textbook. Start with the NCERT textbook for class 12 Biology and read the theory try to solve all the questions asked in the NCERT Biology and after that solve all the MCQ questions uploaded on this site.  

. What is the syllabus of CUET Biology?

CUET Biology syllabus is mentioned on this page, we have added the chapter name and the details of Biology as per the NTA CUET Biology. 

. What should I study for CUET Biology?

You can follow the CUET Biology syllabus mentioned on this page and try to read NCERT class 12 Biology textbook, NCERT Exemplar and the MCQ-based questions of Biology uploaded chapter-wise on this page. 

. How to get Important MCQ-based questions in CUET Biology?

Our team prepared a details chapter-wise CUET Biology question bank and carefully selected all the questions before uploading, do solve all CUET Biology questions uploaded on this page to score good marks.