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NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies

Class 12 Business studies Solutions

NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies consists of a detailed explanation of all the questions asked in the NCERT exercise and prepared by the expert teacher of CBSE class 12 Business studies. These solutions are prepared for the CBSE board exam and solutions consist of explanations as per the CBSE textbook to score good marks in the CBSE board exam. NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies is prepared in lucid and easy language to have a good foundation of the subject. 

The right approach to use NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies

NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies are prepared by expert teachers and consist of detailed explanations of all the theoretical and numerical questions asked in the NCERT textbook exercise. As per the experts, students are advised not to copy the NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies, the best approach is to read the chapter of class 12 Business studies and try to understand the chapter, make your notes, and then revise the chapter from your notes before attempting the questions asked in the exercise. Start solving the questions asked in the exercise and write down your solutions. Once you have written the entire solution by yourself then only check HT NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies to match your solutions. 

How would you characterize the business environment?

Features or characteristics of business environment:

External environment of business: It includes all the forces, institutions or factors, which directly or indirectly affect the business. For example, change in government policies, technological advancement, change in consumer tastes and preferences etc. 

Dynamic in nature: It keeps on changing with changes in technology or consumer tastes etc. It never remains static.

Complex: It is difficult to understand its impact on business organisations even minor changes may have a major impact. For example, an increase in the tax rate by 2% may affect the income of a company by the large amount 

Unpredictable: It is uncertainty in future as changes keep taking place at a very fast pace. For example, fast changes taking place in the IT or fashion industry. 

Relative concept: It differs from country to country, region to region or company to company. For example, different political conditions in India and Pakistan or demand for handicraft items may be high in India but not in Germany.

The chapter-wise weightage for NCERT Class 12 Business Studies 

16 Marks Questions from

Chapter-1 Nature and Significance of Management

Chapter 2 Principles of Management

Chapter-3 Business Environment

Chapter-4 Planning

14 Marks Questions from

Chapter-5 Organising

Chapter-6 Staffing

20 Marks Questions from

Chapter-7 Directing

Chapter-8 Controlling

Chapter-9 Financial Management

15 Marks Questions from

Chapter-10 Financial Market

Chapter-11 Marketing Management

10 Marks Questions from

Chapter-12 Consumer Protection

Write down the main features of monetary reforms    

The main features of monetary reforms are: - 

Reduction in the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) 

Permitting a limited degree of flexibility to the bank regarding deposit interest rates. 

Prescribing new norms of income recognition loan loss provision and capital an adequacy 

Allowing nationalized banks to o the capital market and raise additional equity. 

Permitting disinvestments up to 49% of total equity. 

Allowing new private-sector banks to set up

Passing of Insurance Regulatory and Development Act (IRDA) 

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Academic Resources 2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business studies

. What is the important chapter of class 12 Business studies?

The most important chapters for class 12 business studies are Principles of Management, Planning, Organization, Staffing, Directing, Business Finance, Entrepreneurship Development

. How will you state the importance of the business environment?

The importance of the business environment can be stated with the help of the following points:

Capitalizing early opportunity – Environment-friendly enterprises are the first movers to avail of the existing and emerging opportunities. These enterprises do not lose emerging opportunities to their competitors. Asian Paints have been losing its market to Goodness Nerolac because it failed to match its technology with Goodness Nerolac. 

Activating Management to changing needs: Knowledge of environmental change sensitizes the management to make new strategies to cope with emerging problems. 

Intellectual Stimulation: Knowledge of environmental changes provides intellectual stimulation to planners and decision-making authorities. 

Image Building: Environmental understanding by the management builds a better image of the company in the minds of the people. They feel that the company is sensitive and responsive to their needs and problems. 

. Write down the impact of government policy changes on business and industry.

Impact of Government policy changes on the business environment:

Threat from MNC: The new economic policy has allowed many multinational companies to enter Indian markets. With technical and financial support from the parent companies, multinationals can offer quality products at competitive prices.

World Class technology: The companies have realised that technology is necessary to compete in the market therefore they are investing more and more in research and development.  

All round competitions: A business firm now faces competition from existing firms in the industry as well as from new firms. 

Buyer’s Market: With liberalisation and globalisation there is no longer any shortage of goods and services which has provided customers with a wider choice.